Ronald Ngoda

How To Remotely Control Or Deactivate Your Appgini Generated Application Using An Application Key

Published 2021-02-085 min read4 comments

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to distribute copies of your Appgini generated applications and need to control them using special keys or ever created and deployed an application for a client and they refused to pay and you got nothing to do? I have created a simple to use solution that you can generate special keys for your Appgini generated application and you can use this to lock or deactivate the application remotely in 3 simple steps.

STEP ONE Create a free account HERE Log in and create an app. Each app you create will have a special key generated for it and you will use this in step two below. You can also modify your application key status to Inactive, this way your Appgini application will be locked in a way users can't use it anymore. STEP TWO Go to your hooks folder and find a file called header-extras.php and paste the following code in there.

In the above code replace #yourkeyhere with your actual generated key from STEP ONE What this code does is it checks from our remote server if the key is Inactive and it will lock it and display an error message you will set in step one. STEP THREE Go to hooks folder and find a file named _global.php and paste in the following code at the very end: The code above is the function that is used to send requests to the remote server in step one. That is it. You can now be able to lock your Appgini generated application remotely when the need arises. Feel free to try it out and give suggestions on how to improve my solution.

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