Ronald Ngoda

Appgini Two Factor Authentication Plugin

Published 2021-06-155 min read4 comments

This plugin will enable you to activate two-step verification using email OTP in your Appgini application. Once activated, all users who attempt to log in to your application will be sent an OTP to their registered email for verification. This happens all the time a user logs in. To use this plugin you must use SMTP as your mail sending method.

  1. Download the appgini-otp zip file into your plugins folder in your appgini project.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file and ensure it goes into the appgini-otp folder inside the plugins folder.
  3. Make sure you enable SMTP as your mail sending method and provide all the required details for that.
  4. Go to the Admin area and under the plugins menu you will see the Appgini OTP option, select it
  5. On the plugin page, you will see a green button written Install Appgini OTP, click on it to install the plugin.
  6. After install the plugin will be active now: you will have the option to activate or deactivate it if you want.
  7. All users who will now attempt to log in will need to provide their correct username and password, then after normal appgini authentication, the Appgini OTP will send them an email contains a code they will use to verify their identity. If a user doesn't provide this code, they cannot access the account or perform any operations.

Download link:

That's it!! I hope you have a great experience using this plugin, in case of any problem don't fail to raise an issue or a better suggestion.


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