Ronald Ngoda

Appgini Database-Backup-Restore-Plugins

Published 2021-04-175 min read4 comments

This contains two plugins that work hand in hand to help you easily and quickly back up and restore your Appgini database. Simply download the zip file and extract it in your plugins folder. ... ore-Plugin Head over to the admin area and you will find the two plugins available in the plugins menu.

To backup, your database simply clicks on the DB Backup plugin and a backup process will begin automatically, and your database backup will be stored as a gzip file.

To restore your database simply click on the DB Restore and you will be presented with an interface to select the backup file you want to restore from the available backup files that you have made/created.


If you wish to perform automated backups either daily, weekly, monthly, etc you can easily do that using CRON jobs or I suggest using a simple & powerful tool to do all timing and scheduling tasks in your app at an affordable price: free! simply hit the backup file in the plugins folder like replace with your actual domain name.

That's it!! I hope this will help someone, enjoy!!!

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